This evening my A/C stopped. Literally out of the blue the thermostat went silent. .
Called the local Barker office around 5:00 p.m. thinking I would get voicemail BUT a nice, polite person answered. I explained who and where I was and that the A/C has stopped operating.
She quickly checked my account and said someone would be there between 6-7 p.m. The technician showed up at 5:45 p.m., quickly and expertly diagnosed the issue, a loose wire, and corrected the issue. We had our A/C back working. This call was handled very professionally, politely and quickly. Very happy with this call and the service provided.

Joe H.

Anything under a 5 Star rating has to be false. I originally called barker and told them I needed my store ac working before March 1st as we were looking to open March 1st. They setup an appointment for the 21st of February. Yesterday I realized that we are going to be opening a lot sooner then March 1st and some how sooner then February 21st. I called barker and asked if there was anything at all they could do. LESS THEN 2 hours after I called there was a technician at my store and had me up and running. This is by far the best ac company i have ever dealt with!

Joseph T.

Big thanks to Jeff and company – called on a Saturday, AC won’t run, and instead of just taking my info and sending a tech, Jeff talked me through clearing the condensate drain. They could’ve taken my money and I would’ve been perfectly happy, but instead they did the truly honorable thing of walking me through the fix.

Awesome!! Thank you so much!

Joe R.

They installed a replacement A/C system in accordance with contract. Was pleased until the quality control guy came to do his inspection. Wouldn’t respond to any questions and, when he was finished, proceeded to stick a clipboard in my face with HIS checklist insisting that I sign it. Kept standing right in front of me even though I said I’d like to read it. Even though I had no idea if he had done the 30-40 items he had checked I signed it just to get rid of him. Then he stuck the invoice in my face insisting I pay now even though the county wouldn’t inspect until the following day. When I went to get my checkbook, he followed me around the house, practically into the bathroom (where it was) and then kept looking over my shoulder until I gave it to him. Very uncomfortable feeling for both my wife and I. The company sent another invoice the following day. Very weird.

Richard P.

Highly recommended by our neighbors and now we know why Very prompt,professional service Thank you We will continue to use them and highly recommend

Marilyn S.

Barker Air Conditioning has been our Florida heat savior! We are on an annual plan, serviced twice a year. Our AC unit is older, but they are making a point to keep it running through regular maintenance and minor repairs for as long as it will run. It is working in great condition during these 90 degree days! Thanks, Barker!!!

Suzanne H.

Barker just replaced our entire air conditioning (HVAC) system, both inside and out. They were extremely professional, incredibly careful and clean for the installation, and fair in price. The high efficiency unit installed is so much quieter (both inside and out) than our old unit and hopefully less expensive (the SEER is 50% higher). I definitely recommend them.

Peter N.

No problems and no issues on a recent central air conditioning replacement at my office in Vero Beach. I was a “captive audience” inasmuch as my landlord was in charge of the purchase of the new A/C unit and the vendor. With that said, I was happy and had no complaints.

Serviceman arrived early for their appointment and fully explained the installation process. They were friendly and polite and cleaned up after themselves. No issues whatsoever.

William E. Lewis Jr.
Vero Beach, Florida.

William L.

Well trained staff. Excellent inventory. Fast service. Fair prices

Mark O.

VERY HONEST COMPANY. I live out of town. When I need service or repairs they are there in a very reasonable anount of time. Matt really knows what he is doing. Also, they are fair with the price.

Molly B.

The were quick to respond, were great to work with, very professional and fair in price. Highly recommend.

Kathleen P.

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