Controls & Thermostats in Indian River County, FL and Surrounding Areas

Living in the Indian River County area, including Vero Beach, Fellsmere, Roseland and Sebastian, means leaning heavily on your HVAC systems all year. Investing in a more efficient air conditioner or heat pump is great. But to make the most of your heating and cooling systems, you also need to invest in energy-saving control systems. That’s where the thermostat installation experts at Barker Air Conditioning and Heating come in. We offer all the controls and thermostats you need to save big.

Save Big With An Energy-Saving Thermostat

As Trane Comfort Specialists, we install and maintain a wide range of advanced energy-saving control systems for home and business owners in Indian River County, Florida. Here are some of the energy-saving controls and thermostats that we install and service:

  • Programmable Thermostats: Most people have fairly predictable routines and don’t need the same amount of heating or cooling throughout the day. A programmable thermostat can automatically turn the AC down when every member of your household is at work or school, then turn it back up when you return in the afternoon. This can lead to substantial energy savings, especially if your house is empty during the hottest part of the day.
  • Zoned Control: Do you have a room that always runs hot or cold? Zoned control systems allow you to split your house into multiple climate control “zones” and direct more heating or cooling power to the areas with the greatest need, improving comfort. Zoning also helps you save energy, especially if you have a guest bedroom or other room that only sees occasional use.
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats: The pinnacle of smart control is the ability to control your heating and cooling systems remotely. A Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to turn the AC system up or down remotely using a mobile app. This is great when you’re coming home early or staying out late and need to adjust the thermostat on the fly.

Our service techs will be glad to work with you to find the right control systems for your home. We’re ready and qualified to transform your house into a smart home.

Trusted Thermostat Installation Experts in Indian River County/

A new thermostat is a significant investment in your home, and you need to make sure that investment is in good hands. You can trust the team at Barker Air Conditioning and Heating to take care of your home because:

  • We offer free estimates and a 10-year parts and labor warranty on new systems.
  • We provide same-day service whenever possible.
  • We stand behind our work with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

Make the most of your HVAC systems with an energy-saving control system installed by the trusted and long-tenured service techs at Barker Air Conditioning and Heating. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us online or give us a call today. Take your next step toward unmatched comfort and energy efficiency.

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