Ductless HVAC systems are bound to arouse interest in those unfamiliar with them because they don’t use any bulky ductwork. However, the same unfamiliarity that creates interest also gives rise to misunderstandings. Let’s debunk four common myths about ductless HVAC systems in Micco, FL.

Lower Ability to Clean and Condition Air

A traditional central HVAC system has an air filter sitting in its return duct. The filter cleans passing air before it reaches the system’s air handler. Since a great deal of air moves through this filter before reaching the ducts, you might think that a ducted HVAC system has more power to filter air than a ductless model does.

However, this isn’t true. Each air handler in a ductless HVAC system has its own air filter. Moreover, ductless systems can sometimes use finer filters than a central HVAC system can, so they frequently have even greater filtration abilities than their ducted counterparts.

You Can’t Condition the Whole Home

According to this myth, house-wide heating or cooling isn’t something that ductless systems can do. You may know that the indoor air handler of a ductless system is small and only conditions the air in a relatively small area. Therefore, you might think that a ductless mini-split will keep a small portion of the house comfortable, with the rest too hot or too cold.

But the beauty of a ductless system is that you can have multiple air handlers throughout the home. Our service technicians can easily design a system to make every room comfortable, regardless of the size or configuration of your home.

A ductless system actually gives you a greater ability to keep the whole home at an even temperature. If you didn’t have an HVAC system, different rooms in your home would naturally be warmer or colder. It depends on window size and placement, where the room is in relation to heat-generating appliances, how close it is to a door and other factors.

With a central system, there’s no way to accommodate these different conditions. You must have a fan powerful enough to circulate the air throughout the home to get an even temperature. When each air handler is responsible for bringing that room to the preferred temperature, you achieve a greater overall homogeneous temperature.

If you have people in your household who prefer a hotter or colder room, a mini-split can accommodate that, too. You could set it up so each bedroom has its own air handler, so everyone can sleep easily at the perfect temperature for them.

Maintenance Is a Headache

Since ductless mini-splits are smaller than other HVAC systems, you might conclude that they’re also more fragile. This may make you think that it would be especially arduous to maintain and repair them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although ductless mini-splits will require occasional repairs and periodic maintenance, the’re robust and as resistant to the ravages of time as any other HVAC system. As with all HVAC systems, you should arrange to have maintenance done on them at least once per year.

They Are Noisy and Bulky

Ductless mini-splits often have wall-mounted air handlers and other major equipment located in each room, even the bedrooms. Some homeowners may fret that these systems will be noisy and eat up too much space.

However, the indoor elements of a ductless mini-split are all rather inconspicuous. In fact, their small size is precisely one of the things that makes them attractive. Furthermore, mini-splits can be surprisingly quiet because they use variable-speed air blowers.

Now that you know the truth about ductless mini-splits, we hope you’ll see them as a viable option for creating a comfortable home in Micco, FL, this winter. You can begin enjoying the power and convenience of these systems whenever you want. Just call Barker Air Conditioning and Heating and ask for our ductless HVAC services.

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