Older homes in Barefoot Bay, FL, have charm. However, as years go by, you may start to experience problems with the HVAC system in your older home. Here are the most common HVAC issues you might experience in your house:

Leaky Ductwork

Ductwork offers a path for cool and hot air from your HVAC system into your home. Age and gravitational pull loosen your system’s ductwork seals. Once the seals break, you’ll start to notice cold spots on drywall.

Detached or loosely fitting ductwork may leak all the conditioned air from the system. If you notice detached or loose ductwork, it’s important to schedule ductwork repair services.

Leaky ductwork may result in wasted resources while you try to cool or heat ceilings, behind the walls or other areas. It’s important to call a professional HVAC contractor to inspect, seal or replace your ductwork.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

There’s a lot that has changed in the construction industry. Modern house structures aren’t similar to older ones. For example, modern house constructions follow efficiency regulations where fresh air enters and forces stagnate air outside.

Unconditioned air may bring pollutants, dust and humidity into your home. The accumulation of dust and other pollutants may cause respiratory issues and other health complications. Dust accumulation forces your HVAC system to function harder to maintain indoor air quality.

You can solve this problem by scheduling HVAC maintenance services regularly and replacing your air filters monthly. We offer affordable HVAC installation and repair services to offer the comfort you deserve.

Lack of Zoning

Most older homes in Barefoot Bay, FL, have one thermostat that regulates the temperature in the entire house. With a modern HVAC unit, you can control the temperature of different rooms separately. Zoning is convenient because it suits you and your loved ones’ preferences.

You can keep the temperature in your living room cool without interfering with the temperature of your bedroom. You can also take advantage of zoning with a ductless unit that has several indoor air handlers.

Increased Utility Bills

If you live in an older home, chances are that you’re using an older HVAC System. Older HVAC models are more likely to consume more energy than new ones.

The reason you have increased utility bills may be because your system requires a repair or a replacement. Replacing your HVAC system can be costly, but it’s worth it if you consider how much you’ll save on energy costs in the future.

Your HVAC system accounts for a large portion of energy consumption in your home. If you’re using an older inefficient HVAC system and you’re considering replacing it, the best thing to do is go for one with the ENERGY STAR symbol. This label is only found in models that meet Department of Energy standards.

Outdated Thermostats

If you have been using an outdated thermostat, you might experience frequent cycling, inefficient cooling or have frequent wear and tear issues. Unlike old thermostats, you can operate a modern thermostat from anywhere using a phone via Wi-Fi.

Upgrading to modern thermostats allows you to control your thermostat better without compromising your comfort. Remember that an outdated thermostat can cause wear and tear or, worse still, increased energy consumption. Smart thermostats offer a wide range of energy-efficient features, including automatic programming and remote control. They also alert you to filter changes and other required maintenance.

Don’t let HVAC issues in your older home stop you from enjoying high comfort and indoor air quality. Reach out to Barker Air Conditioning and Heating for repair, installation and maintenance services in Barefoot Bay, FL, today.

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