Hot weather is upon us, and so is allergy season. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, over 100 million Americans cope with various allergy types, with a significant portion suffering from seasonal pollen allergies. Here are some tips you can implement to make your Barefoot Bay, FL, home an allergy-free zone:

Maximize Your Use of Filters

Filters can aid you in your fight against allergies. This is why it’s critical you maximize your use of them. You can do this by ensuring their cleanliness and choosing quality filters that can trap allergens effectively.

Clean or change your AC filters regularly to remove dust and allergens. Dirty filters can spread contaminants throughout your home. Check and clean or replace filters every one to three months for optimal performance.

The schedule that you follow to clean or change your filters will depend on how many people and pets you have in your household. If you live in crowded conditions with many people and animals, you’ll need to perform these tasks every 30 days.

Install high-efficiency air cleaners with HEPA filters to trap smaller particles. These filters can capture allergens like dust and pollen more effectively. Consult your HVAC service technician to ensure you choose the right type.

Maintain Your AC System

Schedule regular maintenance for your AC system to ensure it runs efficiently. Service technicians can clean the coils and other components. Proper air conditioning maintenance helps prevent the buildup of allergens in your system.

Have a professional inspect your ductwork for leaks and seal any gaps. Leaky ducts can allow allergens to enter your home. Proper sealing ensures that only filtered air circulates through your living space.

Maintain an Ideal Humidity Level

Maintain indoor humidity levels between 30% and 50% to reduce biological growth. Use a dehumidifier if necessary to keep the air dry. Biological growth can trigger allergies and worsen respiratory conditions.

Install a Whole-Home Air Purifier

Consider adding an air purifier to your home. Air purifiers can remove airborne allergens and improve indoor air quality. Place them in rooms where you spend the most time for the best results.

You can also procure a whole-house air purifier. An HVAC service technician can integrate it into your HVAC system.

Whole-house air purifiers work by drawing in air from every room through the return ducts. They then filter out contaminants using high-efficiency filters. Finally, they circulate the cleaned air back into your home.

Keep Your Windows Closed

Close windows and doors to prevent outdoor allergens from entering your home. Use your AC system to cool your home instead of relying on open windows. This helps maintain a controlled indoor environment.

Clean the Supply Vents Around Your House

Dust and vacuum vents and registers regularly. Dust and allergens can accumulate and spread when the AC system is on. Keeping these areas clean ensures better air quality.

Taking measures like this will ensure you minimize the dust that’s in your environment. Lowering the amount of dust content in your home means less of it circulates when your air conditioner is in operation.

Bathe and Groom Your Pets Regularly

Bathe and groom pets regularly to minimize shedding. Using a high-efficiency vacuum can help remove dander from carpets and upholstery. When you minimize the dander, less of it will circulate via your AC system.

Invest in an IAQ Monitor

Use an indoor air quality monitor to track levels of allergens in your home. These devices can alert you to changes in air quality. Responding quickly can help manage allergy symptoms more effectively.

Consult an HVAC Professional

Consult HVAC professional service technicians for personalized advice on improving indoor air quality. They can recommend the best filters and maintenance practices. Professional guidance ensures that your system is working efficiently to reduce allergens.

Don’t allow allergies to ruin your fun this summer. Contact Barker Air Conditioning and Heating and ask about our air quality products. Let us help you make your home a safe haven.

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