There’s not much worse than your air conditioner suddenly giving out on a hot summer day in your Vero Beach, Florida, home. Not only will you face uncomfortable heat and humidity, but you’ll likely need an emergency AC repair. Luckily, your AC unit will usually let you know of an impending breakdown well before the event takes place. Here are six warning signs of AC problems to watch for this cooling season:

You Feel Warm Air Coming Out of Your Vents

The purpose of your air conditioner is to deliver cold air through your vents to get your home to a more comfortable temperature. If you notice warm air coming out of your vents, it’s likely a sign that something is wrong with your system. It could be a bad capacitor, a clogged filter or low levels of refrigerant. No matter the case, call an HVAC professional to diagnose your problem before your AC system sustains more damage.

You Have Weak Airflow From Your Vents

Another common sign that there’s a problem with your air conditioner is weak airflow coming through your vents. Poor airflow means that your system is still working hard but will be unable to perform its job, as there’s not enough air circulating to cool the room. Poor airflow often means you have leaky ductwork, a clogged filter or a build-up of debris in your ducts. It could also be a sign that the compressor is failing. You can prevent some of these problems by scheduling regular tune-ups and changing your filter every month.

You Hear Loud Noises Coming From Your Indoor Unit

The indoor unit of your AC system should operate quietly. If you hear noises coming from it, such as squealing or scraping, something is likely out of place or needs more lubrication. This issue should be addressed immediately because loose parts can cause damage to the other components of your system. As a result, what was once an easy fix could quickly develop into a costly repair.

You Notice Odd Smells When the Unit Turns On

Your air conditioner should never smell bad. When it does, it’s a sure sign that something isn’t right. A strong burning smell could indicate that the insulation on the wiring has been burned, which can lead to a higher risk of fire. If you smell a musty odor, biological growth may have infiltrated the system. This issue should be addressed as soon as possible to keep your family healthy.

You Notice Leaking Around the Unit

You should address any kind of moisture leaking around your system right away. It could be a sign of is a refrigerant leak, which is a major issue. Refrigerant is significantly hazardous. Therefore, a professional should handle it to protect your health and safety.

Of course, the leak could also be water. Even though the water itself isn’t dangerous, the presence of a leak could indicate that the tube responsible for removing condensation from the unit has clogged. Either way, you should contact an HVAC professional to determine where the leak is coming from and repair it.

Your Utility Bills Have Begun to Skyrocket

While you’re likely to see some fluctuations in your utility bills, especially when the warm weather hits, sudden spikes aren’t typical. If your utility bill skyrockets for no apparent reason, it’s likely an indication that your system is no longer running efficiently. This could be due to broken parts or leaks that need to be repaired, or it could simply be a sign that a tune-up is necessary.

Are you experiencing any of these issue with your AC unit? Contacts us at 772-562-2103 today. Barker Air Conditioning and Heating will happily diagnose and rectify your problems so that your system can begin to function properly again.

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