If you’ve started hearing strange sounds coming from your air conditioner recently, pay close attention. Different noises mean different things, and some can signal a real emergency. Read on to learn if your AC system in Sebastian, FL, is crying out for help and requires repairs.

Clanging Noises

Almost always, clanging and clicking noises mean that your AC system has at least one loose part rattling around. If the air conditioner in your home has a loose compressor, you might need to order a replacement. If you have a loose fan or motor blower, a professional can often just put it back into alignment with no replacement needed.

Constant Clicking

If your AC system is making constant clicking noises, it could be struggling to communicate with your thermostat. It’s important to differentiate constant clicking noises from those that only happen when your air conditioner starts up and shuts down. Those clicking noises aren’t usually a cause for concern.

Incessant Buzzing

Buzzing noises can have a variety of causes. The problem could be something as simple as a dirty air filter. The issue could also be a refrigerant leak, a failing fan motor or a malfunctioning blower.

Chattering and Vibrating

Older air conditioners near the end of their useful life sometimes make these noises as parts start coming loose. Alternatively, you could just have some debris stuck in your AC system. Instead of taking the system apart yourself to find out whether the issue is serious, it’s best to get an HVAC pro on the scene as soon as possible.

Are you having trouble figuring out why your air conditioner has started making weird noises? We can dispatch a qualified service technician to your home whenever you’re available. To book an AC repair appointment today, contact Barker Air Conditioning and Heating.

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