Commercial HVAC systems need regular maintenance to continue operating efficiently. Building owners and managers in Micco, FL, need to call for professional help when heating and cooling problems arise. Here are some of the most common commercial HVAC issues you need to be aware of:

Damage to a Fan

Fans are an integral part of any commercial HVAC system. If most of your HVAC units are out of sight, such as on the rooftop, abnormal noise from the fan and other components isn’t audible within the building. So, if the system stops working abruptly, check the fan and call a trained HVAC service technician immediately.

Faulty Dampers

If certain parts of the building feel colder or warmer than others, it’s usually due to imbalanced dampers. The damper controls the flow of air through the system. A trained service technician can fix the problem by balancing or replacing dampers.

Broken Seals

A commercial HVAC system consists of many seals that join moving and non-moving parts. When these seals get rusty or need lubrication, they may get loose and cause leaks. HVAC service technicians usually check for such anomalies and lubricate seals during routine checkups.

Large HVAC System

According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, approximately 25% of commercial HVAC systems in the United States are too large for the buildings they occupy. If your HVAC system is larger than what you need, it’ll turn on and off quickly, decreasing its efficiency and life. Call an HVAC service provider to adjust the system.

Problems With a Pump Shaft

If the pump shaft gets damaged, it can overheat the entire system. The role of the pump shaft is to create a smooth flow. If your HVAC system seems to be overloading and producing excess heat, call an HVAC professional to investigate.

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