There’s no good time for a furnace to have problems. But you certainly don’t want it to happen when you need heating the most during a chilly winter. Identifying when your furnace needs repair and getting it checked will help restore its efficiency and prevent the problem from worsening. Keep reading for signs that indicate you need a furnace repair in Micco, FL.

There’s an Unusual Smell You Can’t Pinpoint

An optimally functioning furnace shouldn’t produce any foul odors while running, so if you notice any weird smells, you need to seek a service technician’s help. For example, a problematic furnace may produce a car exhaust odor, a burning smell or a rotten eggs smell. A furnace smelling like car exhaust likely isn’t eliminating gases that the combustion process produces. A burning smell may signal an overheating motor or frayed wiring, and a gas leak causes a rotten eggs smell.

You Hear Odd Sounds

Usually, a furnace produces a soft whirring sound while working. Therefore, if you hear loud, uncommon sounds, shut down your system and call a service technician to inspect and repair it.

Some sounds that indicate your furnace is in trouble include banging, squealing, whistling and rattling. A loud banging noise can occur when there’s a delay in furnace ignition, squealing if there’s a damaged belt and whistling if you have a clogged air filter. You’ll hear rattling noises if your unit has a loose component.

There Are Uneven Temperatures

A malfunctioning furnace may be unable to distribute heat evenly throughout the home. Issues may stem from a problem like a clogged air filter, leaky ductwork, short cycling or an improperly-sized system.

Contact Barker Air Conditioning and Heating this winter if you require furnace services due to an unforeseen problem. Our highly-skilled service technicians will carefully inspect your unit and repair it if necessary.

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