Most of us take the incredible technology that goes into modern HVAC thermostats for granted. This important part of your HVAC system in Sebastian, FL, tends to only effectively work for around 10 years. Consider five key issues that you’re likely to experience when you leave an outdated HVAC thermostat in place.

Wearing Electrical Components and Wiring

The electrical components internal to a thermostat have electricity constantly running through them, which slowly wears them. It’s these electrical components that detect the heat at the thermostat and initiate the signals for cycle starts and stops.

Further, wires can begin to fray and wear, which increases electrical resistance and produces heat. This heat further wears the electrical components in the HVAC thermostat.

Climbing Heating and Cooling Costs

Your HVAC system will begin to run longer heating and cooling cycles when the electrical components stop accurately registering the temperature. Longer cycles obviously consume more power. The result is climbing heating and cooling costs.

Short-Cycling HVAC System

A short-cycling HVAC system shuts off prematurely and restarts again shortly afterward over and over again. The start-up is where the system consumes the most power, so short-cycling further drives up your energy bills.

Restricted airflow also causes short-cycling, including a clogged filter and faulty components. Check your filter and schedule a heating repair so that a professional can identify the underlying issue.

Lack of Comfort Around Your Home

Before you notice climbing energy costs, you may notice that your home just isn’t as comfortable. This happens when the HVAC system isn’t running proper cycles and circulating air for the right amount of time.

Failure to Initiate Cycles

At the very extreme of outdated thermostats, you may experience an issue where it completely fails to start your system. Again, this can have multiple causes, so allow a professional to find the root problem.

You can easily avoid all the problems that come with having an outdated HVAC thermostat. Call to schedule a consultation with one of our thermostat installation experts at Barker Air Conditioning and Heating.

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