When you call Palm Bay, FL, home, you become accustomed to operating your air conditioner for most months of the year. But you usually give your AC system a break in December, January and February. While most homeowners in other areas of the country are still using their heating systems, it’s time for you to prepare your air conditioner for the cooling season that will start soon. Here are four AC maintenance tasks to focus on:

Check the Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line runs from your air conditioner to the outside. When warm air blows over cold evaporator coils in an AC system, it produces moisture. The condensate drain line removes the moisture from your house into a drain pan. If the condensate drain line clogs, it breaks your air conditioner down and causes water damage to your property. Clearing the condensate drain line is relatively easy, but if you’re not comfortable doing so, hire a professional.

Start the Cooling Season With a Fresh Filter

A fresh filter is your air conditioner’s best friend. The internal components will remain clean when your AC system has a clean filter. As a result, your air conditioner will operate without straining to push conditioned air into your living spaces. You’ll also prevent particle pollutants from recirculating and protect your indoor air quality.

Clear Debris From Around the Outdoor Unit

You’ve likely not looked at the outdoor portion of your air conditioner in months. Take a moment to clear any debris that has collected around or on the compressor. Ideally, it should have at least two feet of clearance.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Nothing beats a professional’s expertise when preparing your air conditioner for the cooling season and caring for it when it’s hot and humid. Contact Barker Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule your AC maintenance appointment before our busy season starts. We’ll ensure every part works smoothly and repair any minor issues on the spot.

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