Installing a smart thermostat in your Indian River, FL, home will help you better manage your energy use. Smart thermostats can retain multiple pre-set temperature settings, store valuable data and more. The following are five great reasons to upgrade your old HVAC thermostat to a smart model:

Save Energy and Money

According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), adjusting your thermostat setting before leaving home and going to sleep could lead to a reduction in your heating and cooling costs as high as 10%. Smart thermostats make these adjustments easy. When setting changes are automatic, there’s no risk of human oversights or errors.

Practice Easy Energy Management

Smart thermostats constantly collect valuable data. You can use this stored information and the related reports to track how your energy use spikes and wanes throughout the year. Smart thermostats can additionally send reminders air filter changes, HVAC maintenance and more.

Smart Thermostats Are Compatible With HVAC Zoning Systems

If you’re interested in zoning your HVAC system for enhanced efficiency and customized air delivery, smart thermostats are essential. These advanced learning devices work seamlessly with zoning control systems to provide the as-needed delivery of conditioned air.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Having a smart thermostat can also lower your carbon footprint. By using less energy to cool and heat your house, you’ll minimize your environmental impact.

Enjoy App-Based Remote Functionality

Many of the latest smart thermostats come with branded mobile apps. Homeowners can install these applications and use them to control their thermostats remotely from any connected devices.

We offer exceptional heating, cooling and indoor air quality services. Get in touch with Barker Air Conditioning and Heating today to find out more about smart thermostat installation for your Indian River, FL, home. We’ll ensure your HVAC thermostat upgrade is the perfect fit for your needs.

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