You need the help of a reliable air conditioner to survive the summer in Sebastian, FL. Ductless air conditioning systems are a great option for improving your home’s comfort because of the benefits they provide. Here are the top reasons you may want to invest in a ductless air conditioning:

Ductless Air Conditioning is Versatile

One of the reasons you may want to go ductless is that these systems can both heat and cool your home. They have a single outdoor unit that connects to several indoor air handlers, with a switch for reversing refrigerant flow for heating. Such a feature allows them to provide comfort throughout the year.

Save Space

A ductless system can be ideal if you want to save space or are working with limited space. The system’s setup allows it to take up less space, which is ideal for homes that cannot accommodate ductwork installation. Ductless systems have small indoor air handlers that you can install on walls in your home.

Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality

Ductless systems, also known as mini-splits, are great for improving indoor air quality. Basic models have washable air filters that eliminate indoor air pollutants like dust and pet dander. Advanced ductless AC systems can have ventilation and dehumidification settings that aid in controlling airflow and moisture levels, keeping you healthy.

Energy-Efficient Operation

A ductless air conditioner operates on less power than conventional systems thanks to its setup. Ductless AC systems use heat pump technology to operate and transfer heat, using less power. Since they don’t have ductwork, the systems avoid energy wastage commonly found with duct leaks that often account for a huge percentage of air leaks.

If you’re due for an AC replacement, it may be time to consider a ductless air conditioning system. Our HVAC experts will help with the installation process and provide professional advice. Call Barker Air Conditioning & Heating today for affordable and quality AC repair and installation services.

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