During the summer months in Lakewood Park, Florida, the heat and humidity can feel stifling. Your home’s air conditioning system plays a major role in maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere. But you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on cooling bills every summer. Take a look at these tips to set your programmable thermostat for comfort and savings this summer:

Set an Energy-Saving Thermostat Schedule

The first step in keeping your bills under control throughout the seasons is setting a schedule on your thermostat. Whether you use a traditional programmable thermostat or a smart unit, it’s important to set different temperatures for times when you’re typically away versus times when you’re at home. During the times of day when you’re at home, set your thermostat between 76 and 78 degrees. When you’re away, raise the setting higher. For every degree above 78, you can save between 2 and 3 percent on your cooling costs.

Therefore, you can save quite a bit by raising your temperature even by just a few degrees. Adjust the settings and see how your home feels. If it’s uncomfortable, you can always make a change to your scheduled settings. As you set the schedule, you may also want to have the system kick on to cool the space about 30-60 minutes before you typically get home. That way you won’t be walking into a hot, uncomfortable home.

Use Fans to Ease Your AC System’s Workload

Although fans don’t actually cool the air, they provide extra airflow that can create a sensation of cooling. Using fans in the rooms you’re currently in will make a difference in the overall atmosphere of your home. Make sure to turn the fans off when you leave, though, as they only benefit you when the room is in use. Running them when no one is around will only waste energy. In the summer, fans should rotate counterclockwise.

Are you having trouble achieving a comfortable indoor temperature during the Florida summer? Our air conditioning service technicians can take a closer look to see what’s causing the issue. Contact Barker Air Conditioning and Heating by calling 772-562-2103.

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