Underlying air conditioning problems deteriorate when you don’t address them. Therefore, it’s important to schedule repair services as soon as you detect that your air conditioner isn’t performing well. Let’s discuss signs that indicate your AC system in Micco, FL, needs repairs.

Unusual Sounds

Efficient air conditioners run quietly. Therefore, if your AC system produces loud sounds as it cools your house, you need to have it checked. A faulty air conditioner can produce noise such as whistling, rattling, banging, grinding, bubbling and buzzing.

Whistling and bubbling sounds may occur when your refrigerant leaks. Loose components cause a banging noise, while grinding sounds can occur due to friction between moving parts. When you hear buzzing noises, your AC system’s electrical connections may be faulty.

Unpleasant Smells

Your AC system could be the source of the foul smell in your home. Some smells you may encounter when your air conditioner has malfunctioning parts include burning, musty and chemical-like odors.

Biological contaminants produce spores that cause a musty smell. The smell suggests that your AC system isn’t eliminating moisture efficiently, thus creating a favorable environment for biological growth to flourish.

A burning smell can occur when your air conditioner overheats or belts become loose and touch hot sections of the system. When you detect a chemical-like smell lingering in your house, your refrigerant could be leaking.

Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Your air conditioner should spread the cool air evenly throughout your house. However, the system cannot accomplish this mission if it’s wrongly sized or has a clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks or ductwork leaks.

Repair services can address all other issues except a wrongly sized system. You must replace an improperly sized air conditioner to enjoy consistent temperatures in your house.

Addressing AC problems early boosts your system’s longevity. When you detect these signs, call Barker Air Conditioning and Heating for professional air conditioning services. Our highly skilled service technicians will fix all the issues they find.

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