If you worry about outdoor air pollution or don’t like the weather any given day, you might think staying inside your Barefoot Bay, FL home is safe. However, indoor air pollution is often worse than outside air pollution. Knowing these four signs of indoor air quality problems in your home helps you know when to find IAQ solutions:

Dust Accumulation

If you’re dusting more frequently, it might be time to look at your home’s air vents. Look for visible dust around or even on them, and check your air filter. Any filter less than a month old with a lot of dust might indicate indoor air quality problems in your home.

Constant Congestion and Coughing

Indoor air always has concentrations of particles, but higher concentrations typically result in deteriorating conditions. As your family inhales these particles over time, they might start having respiratory issues as their bodies attempt to expel foreign matter. The most vulnerable members of your household can get affected the most, especially if they have asthma or compromised immune systems. Pets, young children and seniors are most vulnerable.

Uneven Temperatures

Alternating hot and cold spots throughout your home is a good reason to schedule HVAC maintenance in any season because they typically happen from the air not circulating effectively from room to room. Poor maintenance, clogged ductwork and an undersized HVAC system can all result in this, and indoor air quality suffers. Every area of your home that’s consistently too warm or cool might be harboring pockets of pollutants irritating your family.

Undesirable Odors

Stagnant air can result in unpleasant odors because accumulations of dander, dust, pollen and biological contaminants aren’t getting filtered frequently enough. How often do you notice normal smells lingering after they should be gone? If you can smell things from the day before or earlier, your home’s IAQ might need professional attention.

Poor IAQ leaves you and your family uncomfortable and unsafe. You can recognize these warning signs and help your family and home by investing in the right IAQ solutions. Contact us at Barker Air Conditioning and Heating for all your home’s indoor air quality needs.

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