Are you shopping for a new HVAC system to cool and heat your living spaces? With so many HVAC options on the market, you might feel overwhelmed trying to make the best choice. One option worth serious consideration is a ductless mini-split system. Read on to learn whether a single-zone or a multi-zone ductless AC is right for your home in Vero Beach, Florida.

Single-Zone Ductless AC

Traditional central air conditioners and heat pumps force cooled or heated air through a network of ducts. Ductless AC systems, on the other hand, eliminate the need for ductwork. As a result, they deliver conditioned air directly into the living spaces in which they’re installed. Ductless AC systems include a small outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air handlers. They’re easy to install and require minimal maintenance, helping you save even more money.

When to Use a Single-Zone Ductless AC

  • Cost-effective way to replace window AC units and space heaters
  • Perfect for converted garages, home additions and small apartments
  • Don’t want to pay the price to install or extend ductwork

Multi-Zone Ductless AC

Multi-zone ductless AC systems work like single-zone units with one exception: You can use up to eight indoor air handlers to create different climate control zones in your home. You can use a multi-zone ductless AC system to heat one part of your home while cooling another. You can mount the units on the wall or suspect them from the ceiling.

When to Use Multi-Zone Ductless AC

  • Create zones to avoid cooling or heating unoccupied rooms and lower your household’s energy consumption
  • Lower your carbon footprint by using R410A refrigerant, which has zero ozone depletion potential
  • Reduce bacteria, dust, pollen and other particle pollutants with multi-stage air filtration

Ductless AC systems use less power than traditional HVAC units. Since they don’t require ductwork, you also avoid wasting energy via leaky ducts. For more information about this popular HVAC option among homeowners in Florida, contact Barker Air Conditioning and Heating at 772-562-2103 today.

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