The air conditioning system in your Barefoot Bay, FL, home is critical for keeping it comfortable. If it’s causing a weird smell, it’s much harder to relax. Learn about the issues that can cause your AC system to release a bad odor and stink.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirt, dust and debris will clog your air filter over time. When your AC system is running, the air then passes through this dirty filter, which can disperse odd smells throughout your home.

Decaying Organic Matter

There are times when insects, small rodents or leaves get into your outdoor condenser unit. Once this organic matter starts to decompose, it can cause a bad smell to move throughout your home when the air conditioner is running.

Clogged Drain Line

If there’s a clog in your drain line, water can build up inside your AC system. This creates an ideal environment for stagnant water and bacterial growth, which can lead to a foul odor.

Exterior Contaminants

If there are pollutants, trash or sewage near your outside condenser unit, any smells they emit could get into your AC system and then circulate throughout the house. Keep this area clean to prevent this problem.

Faulty Components

Certain AC system components might cause a weird chemical or burning smell when they malfunction or overheat. For example, you might notice a strange odor if your system’s wiring, motor or insulation isn’t working properly. If you notice a burning or chemical smell, turn off your system and call a professional right away since the underlying cause could be a fire hazard.

Reduce the risk of nasty AC system odors by changing your air filters regularly and getting routine maintenance from a professional. If you notice a foul smell coming from your AC system, call Barker Air Conditioning and Heating so that we can determine the cause and fix the problem.

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