A heat pump can efficiently keep your home in Indian River County, FL, warm over the mild winter. You may notice that your system doesn’t seem to blow warm air and think there’s a problem. Here are some of the top reasons your heat pump may be blowing cold air when you set it to deliver heat.

It’s Not Actually Blowing Cold Air

A heat pump works differently than a furnace, so the air coming from it may not feel as warm. A furnace heats the air to over 100 degrees before pushing it out into your home.

A heat pump pushes out air at about 90 degrees. However, it is still plenty warm enough to heat your living space to a comfortable level.

It Needs Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Like any HVAC system, your heat pump requires periodic maintenance to keep working efficiently. As the air handler cycles, small particulates will collect on the coil, inhibiting effective heat transfer. When you schedule professional heat pump maintenance, our service technician will clean the coil, ensuring optimal heat exchange.

The Fan Setting is Wrong

Your fan setting may also be a culprit for your heat pump blowing cold air. Your thermostat has a switch for the fan function with two options, “On” and “Auto.”

If the switch has been set to “On,” it continues cycling air whether your heat pump is running. This makes the air feel cold between heating cycles.

It’s Running Low on Refrigerant

Your heat pump both heats and cools using the same principle. It absorbs heat using the refrigerant in the system and transfers it either into or out of your home. If the refrigerant level is low, the heat pump will not absorb the right amount of heat, resulting in cool air when you’re asking the system for heat.

Make sure your heat pump is up to the task of keeping you warm this winter. Call to schedule your heat pump service with our expert service technicians at Barker Air Conditioning and Heating.

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