Heat pumps are a popular HVAC solution for warming Palm Bay, FL, homes in winter and cooling them in summer. Should you notice your equipment leaking water, there’s an issue with the heat pump. Here are possible reasons your heat pump is leaking water:

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Low refrigerant levels lead to freezing evaporator coils making ice form on the surface. As the temperatures rise, the ice melts, causing water to ooze from the pump. The reason for low refrigerant levels is leakages from damaged coils or loose connector seals.

Dirty air filters and closed vents are common culprits for frozen coils due to restricted airflow. Lack of air circulation hinders warm air from reaching the evaporator coils, making the refrigerant too cold.

Luckily, our service technicians have sufficient knowledge in handling refrigerants and repairing damaged coils. It’s also wise to schedule routine maintenance to arrest issues beforehand and ensure timely filter changes.

Dirty Drain Pans and Clogged Lines

The heat pump contains a drain pan that collects moisture and expels it to the drain system. Over time, dirt buildup or microbial growth clogs the system, making water overflow from the pan.

Many heat pumps will automatically shut down to prevent water leaks. However, the situation requires immediate correction to avoid damage to critical components of the pump. Contact our professionals for inspection and thorough cleaning of your equipment.

Issues With the Condensate Pan

If your heat pump is old, rust may damage the condensate pan leading to holes or cracks. The tiny gaps become pathways for moisture that drips from your pump. Sometimes the reason for water spillover is an improper setting of the pan.

A heat pump allows you to enjoy ideal home temperatures throughout the seasons. Contact Barker Air Conditioning and Heating if you want to schedule superior heat pump services.

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