Your commercial property’s HVAC system is essential to the comfort of your workers and customers. A single HVAC installation error can greatly reduce comfort, compromise indoor air quality, and cause your energy bills to skyrocket. This is why performing a load calculation is of such importance during the installation process. A load calculation helps determine which commercial HVAC system will best cool your business in Barefoot Bay, Florida.

What’s a Load Calculation?

A load calculation takes into account several factors, like square footage, to determine what size and style of HVAC system you need. The goal of performing this type of calculation is to ensure the HVAC contractor installs a cooling system that saves energy and maximizes comfort. Most importantly, the calculation helps avoid installing an HVAC system that’s too large or small for your commercial property.

What are the Drawbacks of an Oversized HVAC System?

If your commercial property has an oversized HVAC system, this can lead to a clammy feeling. That’s because the system won’t cycle enough to dehumidify the air. Plus, since the unit will endure excessive wear and tear because it’s too large, it’ll have a shorter lifespan. On top of these drawbacks, you must also consider the fact that an oversized system is more expensive to install than one appropriately sized for your property.

Do All HVAC Contractors Perform Load Calculations?

Load calculations are time-consuming. That’s why a lot of contractors go by rules of thumb when deciding what size of HVAC system to install. A contractor worth hiring will use a computer program to perform a load calculation. The program allows the contractor to manually enter square footage, insulation levels, window types and more to calculate the exact size of HVAC system that the property needs. As a result, you’ll receive the right sized HVAC system for your commercial property’s cooling demands.

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