Finding a blank thermostat screen in your Lakewood Park, FL, home can be worrisome. You may wonder if there’s a problem with your HVAC system, but a blank screen is usually due to a minor issue. Here are some of the most typical reasons a smart thermostat screen will go blank:

Dead Batteries

Smart thermostats that don’t include a C-wire don’t rely on your HVAC system for power. They use batteries instead. If your screen is blank, it could be due to dead batteries.

If the thermostat connects to your HVAC system for its power, the screen will go blank while it’s recharging. Wait a few minutes and it should come back on.

Loose Wiring

A blank screen could be due to a problem with the wiring. Wires can come loose if the thermostat is in a high-traffic area where people passing by can affect it. In the attic, rodents can chew through the wiring.

If anything keeps the wiring from doing its job, you’ll see a blank smart thermostat screen. Don’t try to fix the wiring yourself. We can safely locate, diagnose and repair these issues for you during routine HVAC maintenance.

Old Smart Thermostat

Most smart thermostats will last for many years, but they do eventually wear out. If you have an older one, the blank screen could warning you that it’s time for a replacement.

Open Furnace Door

Some smart thermostats are very sensitive. If your furnace door isn’t shut tightly, it’ll sense this, and the screen will go blank. Closing the door will fix this problem.

These are only a few reasons you could be seeing a blank smart thermostat screen. If you’re having trouble with your smart thermostat screen, we can help. Call Barker Air Conditioning and Heating today for all your smart thermostat service needs.

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