Heat pumps are ideal for the weather in Sebastian, FL, and perfect for taking the chill off those cooler days and nights. Heat pumps also make noises when they operate. Some of these sounds are perfectly normal, while others are reason for concern. Read on to learn some of the worrisome heat pump noises.


A refrigerant leak causes this particular heat pump noise. Take immediate action when you hear a hissing sound. Letting a refrigerant leak go for too long reduces the efficiency of your system and increases the risk of needing costly repairs.

Loud Buzzing or Humming

Buzzing or humming is normal if it occurs for a short period when your system first turns on or cycles. However, buzzing or humming is a reason for concern when it lasts for a longer period or becomes louder. The potential remedies include replacing worn-out components and cleaning dirty internal components.


Loose parts cause grinding noises in heat pumps. These sounds could also mean that internal parts need lubricating. Other worrisome heat pump sounds include rattling or banging.

Rattling means an internal part is loose. Banging usually means something is loose as well, or it could mean a certain component is trying to function and failing to do so. Hearing nothing at all is worrisome because it means your system isn’t working.

Preventing Heat Pump Noises

The most effective way to prevent heat pump noises that are reason for concern is with regular maintenance. This typically includes:

  • Filter changes.
  • Routine inspections.
  • Replacing old or worn parts.

As for when to schedule regular maintenance, once a year is what’s recommended. However, if you have an older system, twice a year is more beneficial.

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