Have you ever had your air conditioner kick on in your home even though it’s already cool and comfortable? You adjust the thermostat to compensate. But after a few minutes, your house is too warm. Many homeowners in Barefoot Bay, Florida, used to experience the same thing until they started using a variable speed air handler. A variable speed air handler improves indoor comfort, enhances air quality and reduces cooling expenses.

Improve Indoor Comfort

A variable speed air handler comes with various fan speed settings. It allows you to choose a speed that works for your cooling preferences. Instead of experiencing cold air blasts, the air handler circulates conditioned air throughout the home. This greatly improves indoor comfort and makes it easier for the AC to cool your home without hot and cold spots.

Enhance Air Quality

You can enhance indoor air quality with an air handler because it continuously moves air throughout the home. This means the indoor air is continuously running through an air filter along with a dehumidifier. The filter removes dust, dirt and other airborne allergens while the dehumidifier controls moisture, both of which tremendously improve indoor air quality.

Reduce Cooling Expenses

Some people believe a variable speed air handler increases energy expenses because it’s constantly running. However, it’s because of the air handler’s continuous operation that the AC system can cool your home more efficiently. As a result, it saves energy and reduces your cooling expenses. Plus, since it’s easier for the AC system to cool the house, there’s less wear and tear on it, which means fewer repairs.

Better Zoning

Variable speed air handlers also work well HVAC zoning units. The air handler makes it easier for the indoor zoning units to deliver the correct amount of air throughout each zone in the house. As a result, it further increases energy efficiency and reduces your cooling expenses.

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