If your HVAC system suddenly stops functioning, it might signal a problem with the thermostat. Therefore, you might need to contact a service technician in Micco, FL. If you own a manual thermostat, your service technician may suggest an upgrade to a smart thermostat to curb the underlying problems. Here are common issues that you might experience with a manual thermostat:

Thermostat Fails to Reach Desired Temperatures

The thermostat controls the functioning of an HVAC system. Using a well-functioning thermostat will allow you to set the desired temperature in your home to provide comfort for your family. If you don’t notice any changes in your living space’s temperature after tuning your HVAC system, your thermostat may have an underlying issue.

Note that direct sunlight warms the thermostat, which makes it give false readings. If this is the case, you should place the thermostat away from direct sunlight or use a thick curtain to cover your windows. If doing so doesn’t solve the problem, you should contact a service technician.

Improper Calibration of the Thermostat

Manual thermostats have internal sensors, which are factory-calibrated to ensure proper functioning. However, with time, the thermostats begin to lose efficiency and may give inaccurate readings. As such, your living space might start to feel hotter or cooler than usual.

Improper calibration of the thermostat might cause short-cycling of your HVAC system, where components such as the fan or compressor shut down rapidly. This is dangerous because it reduces the lifespan of your system or causes decreased energy efficiency.

Age of the Thermostat

All thermostats, just like their HVAC counterparts, lose their efficiency with time. Therefore, the older the thermostat, the less efficient and effective it will be. Failure to replace the thermostat with a modern version will cause decreased energy efficiency.

Manual vs. Smart Thermostat

Upgrading from a manual thermostat to a smart thermostat comes with several benefits. Although manual thermostats have a lower upfront cost, they’re less precise than a smart thermostat, leading to increased energy bills.

A smart thermostat works best for your Micco, FL, home. With a strong internet connection, it’s possible to control your smart thermostat from your smartphone. Other benefits of smart thermostats include:

  • Save on energy bills.
  • Control the HVAC system comfortably from your phone.
  • Track energy through report features.
  • Use motion sensors to schedule its running time.

A good thermostat ensures that your HVAC system is functioning properly. If you reside in Micco, FL, and wish to upgrade to a smart thermostat, contact our service technicians at Barker Air Conditioning and Heating for proper installation, maintenance and repair services.

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