Did you know that a smart thermostat can help you save on energy costs as it learns more about your household’s cooling needs and patterns? Discover how a smart thermostat and its various sensors, advanced algorithms and Wi-Fi features will benefit your Vero Beach, FL, home.

Save on Your Energy Bills

Use the energy saving tips from the smart thermostat manual to set up a schedule that saves money on your monthly power bills. This feature has the potential to save as much as 15% on cooling costs during the summer. Combining regular AC maintenance with a smart thermostat also helps lower the chances of needing costly HVAC system repairs.

Use Movement Sensor Features to Schedule Running Times

Activate a smart thermostat’s movement sensors when you or family members move throughout your home. This feature allows the system to automatically start and stop AC unit running times to correspond to times when you’re at home or away.

Your house remains at your preferred temperature in the mornings and evenings, and the temperature rises slightly while you’re away. The result is more control over how much you spend on energy each month.

Control Your AC Unit From Your Phone

Download your smart thermostat’s corresponding mobile app to your phone. This feature allows you to check the thermostat and make temperature changes no matter where you’re located. Gain full control over AC energy costs whether you’re on vacation or at work.

Track Energy Via the Report Features

Use the energy reports supplied by a smart thermostat to track how much energy you’re using. The reports reveal useful information such as how your energy use has changed over time. Viewing these energy trends gives you more control and helps with better decision making that can lower energy costs further.

Are you interested in exploring all the ways a smart thermostat can help save on energy usage and costs? Contact one of our friendly Barker Air Conditioning and Heating representatives and we’ll explain how we can help install a smart thermostat in your Vero Beach, FL, home.

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