Regulating your home temperature in Barefoot Bay, FL, is largely dependent on the proper functionality of the HVAC thermostat. Avoid the following mistakes when setting up and using your HVAC thermostat:

Not Adjusting the Temperature When Away

When there’s no one home, you need to change the temperature on your thermostat. Raise or drop the temperature to match the outdoor temperature. When it matches the set temperature, it prevents the HVAC system from running the whole day and wasting energy. Remember a thermostat is prone to wear and tear. Running your system non-stop compromises its integrity and life. To avoid having to adjust the thermostat all the time yourself, invest in a smart model. A smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature in your house.

Cranking the Temperature Up or Down

We know the temptation for instant results. Unfortunately, thermostats are not that quick. A thermostat doesn’t control how soon your house will cool down or heat up. It works towards a final temperature. Setting the thermostat too high or too low puts pressure on your HVAC system and impacts energy efficiency. Instead, set consistent temperatures.

Turning Off and On

First, turning off the thermostat when you leave the house doesn’t save energy. Changing the thermostat temperature to match the outside is enough.

Most of our thermostats operate using setback temperature to avoid complications with extreme weather conditions. Smart thermostats calculate the best temperature and activate the system accordingly when you’re away.

It might take some time for you to get the right setback temperature. This depends on the type of house and your temperature preferences. Setback temperature prevents the HVAC thermostat from getting to either extreme while you’re away.

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